Monday, April 29, 2013

A Cool Week

Well, This week has been very cool. We have 4 people on date for baptism and they are all going to get baptized. Yay! I hope that I don't get transferred out of this area. It is a really good area with good potential. I think this area that I am in is going to get split because of its good potential. All of our areas is going to get smaller. 

Some cool things that happened this week; first, I got a really cool pen that is made from a tree from Jerusalem from a olive tree that is really old. It is a present that I will keep for ever. [Note: I believe the present is from Brother Sacett.]  His name is Bro. Sacett. He loves us. I hope that I will be able to remember him forever. He came to church with us this week. He loves us so much and he said that we are the missionaries that were inspired  to talk to him right at that moment. I love things that we are inspired to do. I love the Holy Ghost that helps us every day of our life. When I explain the Holy Ghost to investigators I explain that he is like a best friend that will never leave you if you are righteous. He knows all and is willing to help you at any moment in your life.

Elder Joshua Walker