Monday, April 22, 2013

So Much Potential

So my area is a great area we have so much potential. I can't wait for the time these people decide to get baptized and meet with the missionaries. This week was harder then others because if feels like we are doing the best I have ever done and things are not working. It is frustrating sometimes when you know that people are ready to step though the gates of repentance and baptism 2 Nephi 31:17.

We heard about the Boston  marathon bombing. That is so sad that such young people would do that. I heard that at like every house I went to this week.

So we are teaching a less active bishop. That lesson that we taught was one of the most spiritual lessons I have taught yet. I love people that are willing to progress and they know that they should. 

We have a ward missionary named Bro Valcarce. He was the one in Jeff's ward in Tracy and he convinced Jeff to drive up to propose. He also lost a companion that was new and that companion went to uncle Jeff's house and Bro Valcarse went to his apartment  The new missionary had the phone and called uncle Jeff because he was on the phone.
Can you ask Jeff if he remembers that story? I think it is cool the connections that I have up here.

We eat so well here. So well. Too well. I think that I have gained too much wight. lol. I have never had this problem in my life. It stinks. lol. Well I get to eat lobster some nights and pizza lots of nights. We never know what is coming for dinner. We also have lots of people give us stuff. I am keeping a record of all I get from members. That is not including what stores discounts for missionaries or the dinners we get fed every night. I also know that missionaries are late for a lot of things ): I don't like running late. So just expect the missionaries, when you set up a dinner appointment, to be late. We don't want to get there to early but we also don't want to be late. It is a hard balance to find.

I think that this is a great time to work on patience. It is a Good Christ like attribute. One of the ones I need to work on the most.

This week I heard a talk given by our bishop in the 3rd ward. He was talking about the parable of the sower. He said not to go chasing the birds because then you will leave the rest of the seeds while you are chasing the birds to prevent them from eating the seeds. Now he did not say that you should leave them if they are easy to get away but don't chase them, but nourishes the ones that have been planted. "The field is white and ready to harvest" so lets get out there and harvest!!

This week has been a hard week. We are working really hard and no work is coming because of it. Our area has so much potential to grow and explode. We just need to work a little better and find other ways around like Alma did in Alma 8:19 and will find another way in "the city" the great experience  I had this week is watching Elder Rae grow to meet the requirements of district leader.

Dear Monica
I have a present for you it is to read 2 Nephi 31 with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in mind. (Article of Faith #4 with endure to the end). It will bring you great wisdom and you will be wise in your youth. (Do I sound like a person from the Scriptures or what?) I have read that chapter 10 times on my mission and have gained so much out of it every time I read it. It is the only place where it shows the responsibility of all the Godhead. Find that in the chapter too. My scriptures are so marked up there it is unbelievable.
Monica I know this is a lame gift because you already had it but I am a poor missionary and can't afford to sent you the buckets of candy I am accumulating here. Sorry.
Happy Birthday.
Love Joshua Walker