Monday, April 8, 2013

Conference Weekend

So I learned a lot this conference. I forgot my notes so I will write it by hand. I wrote a lot for Robert in Priesthood meeting. It was talking directly to you Robert. I will share what I learned with you in a letter I send. So I did see Bradley at conference. He was holding a paper with the words, "A hug for a ticket" or something like that. I was very surprised that I met one of my relatives up there. With 20,000 people, what are the odds that I would see a relative? I think it was a tender mercy of the Lord. Blessing all over for missionaries. One thing I think is neat is that the people who we ask to pray at the end of the lessons almost always don't want to say it. We get most of them to say it and when they do say a prayer is a really thoughtful prayer. They do not just spit it out like some of us who have been saying it our whole lives, but they always have a special spirit to it. Also, so many of them bless us for coming and taking the time to teach them, when it is us that are really grateful that they let us in to teach at all.

We had a baptism this last week. It was wonderful. I felt the Holy Ghost bear testimony to me that this work is what I am supposed to be doing at this time of my life. I am sad Elder Kuli is going home. He is a great missionary and knows the scriptures so well. I don't like transfers very much. I make such a good friend and then I have to see him leave with out knowing when I will see him again. :(

I have also never heard of Slamwich before.

Well Dad and Robert how is your home teaching going?

Dad and Mom I an so glad that I have grown up in a home with the Gospel. Being out here really shows me the evils of the world and I am grateful that I was raised in such a "Special Home" (from my Patriarchal Blessing and from my heart). I am glad I was able to go on the camping trips and the 50 miler hike I went on with you Dad. You showed me that I could do hard things when someone is beside me helping me along the way I will cherish those always. Even though you can't be there beside me now on my mission, I now realise that I can always have the Holy Ghost, Jesus Christ, and my Heavenly Father always helping me as you did. Mom, I am glad you taught me how to be caring for people. I saw your example in church when you would go up to the people that needed some help in church or who were new and you would introduce yourself to them. I now see what a blessing it is on peoples lives as you talk with them. I am now away from home and I realize how much I still need support from both of my parents, I still need your prayers, your wisdom and testimony. I am so glad that you raised me in the Church. I can't imagine what life would be without it. Thank you for your example in everything I will strive to follow it the best I can. You have made me a great missionary. So every blessing I receive from God I should also be thanking you. I will wear my name tag with pride knowing that I am an Elder Walker just like you were dad and even though your name tag Mom did not say Elder Walker I still feel your spirit as I look at my name tag every day.

Thank you Mom and Dad
Love Joshua Walker

P.S. I hope I do not make you miss me to much I just wanted to show you the love I had for both of you.