Monday, April 15, 2013

Priesthood Power

I am really confused at what time we are Skyping I have lots of church all day. I also have ward council meetings a lot. So I don't know when I am able to do it. I can Skype by the way. I don't know much yet because my mission president has not told us anything about it.

For example, yesterday I went to 6 different wards and bore my testimony in 5 of them. Sundays are crazy for me. I am over 7 wards for now. I will not have another transfer until after Mother's day.
My new companion is Elder Ray. He is a really hard worker. He also became a district leader for the first time so I get to help him a lot with that. 

So I got to do my first confirmation the other day. I love using the priesthood. His name is B. He is 10 years old and is a great kid. I can't wait to see him in a few years when I come over when I get off of my mission and visit him. We are now working on his older sister to get her to be baptized also. That family has changed so much as the month has gone past. They are now coming to church and they are changing their lives for the better. Yay. I love missionary work we get to see so many people change there lives. I also get to see how the Church at the Stake level works. Our stake president is a great guy. The stake we are in is struggling on less actives. Lots of people are falling away from the church these last few years and he is having a really hard time. (We have a ward that has 60 people show up to church). I am learning that it is our job as missionaries to help him in his calling and that is the same with the bishop. We go up to them and ask is there anything we can do to help you in your calling? That is a great way to get the wards to trust you and let you help them in any way possible.

We are teaching a less active member named Bro S. He is a great guy. He was almost an AP on his mission and baptized many into the church. He was a bishop and is now less active. We met him on the street and now he is going to come to church and shave his beard. He said that he could feel the Spirit as we entered into his house. I felt the Spirit so strong in his house when we were telling him to go back to church. He is way cool. Mom why did I have to get your tears? I cry way too much on my mission. My companions think I am strange. I wish that I could feel the Spirit without crying. lol.
I also am worried that the new boy that we baptized last week will go inactive later in

This is where his letter ends.