Monday, May 6, 2013

Miracle Time

I got to baptize someone this week. That was so cool. She is the eternal investigator that we have been working on for 6 months. and I got to baptize her. It was very special. I will never forget that experience  I will also confirm her next week at church about 2 CA time. I was so excited when it actually happened. I love missionary work. I also have a talk on Mother's Day about Mothers. That will be cool. We also had a funny experience this week. Elder Rae went outside and someone was looking though the car that was in the car port. Elder Rae looked at him and he walked away and then Elder Rae called 911 and the police came over and we talked.
Turned out that the person was my landlady's granddaughters husband and he was looking for papers to the car for some reason. It was funny and we got to talk to the police.

We had a great week. I hope that people see the benefits of going to Church and not getting offended. That happens a lot in Utah. People get offended and then they leave the church because of that. My favorite thing to say is that the church is not for perfect people. If it was then no one would be there.
I also like an analogy when people say that I want to go golfing that day or I want to do other things. but then you say what is good on a sundae (ice cream) bananas, chocolate strawberries, but is mustard good on a Sundae? No, it is not. It is good on other things, but not on Sundaes. 

Elder Joshua Walker