Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New Place, New Companion

I got transferred :( That stinks. The area I am in now had no one on date and we had 4 people on date in my last area. We are struggling to find people to teach. That makes the day go by so much slower. I have a new companion he is from Russia his name is Elder Kopikof he is a great guy. He said that I am his favorite companion because of how much I want to work. I really think that I am going to help him enjoy his mission more then he has in the past. He has been out 18 months and is 24 years old. Way older than me. 

I am now on Russian assignment part of the time. That does not mean that I need to learn Russian but it means that I get to go all over the mission to have my companion teach Russians and I get a name tag in Russian.

Also we are now on bikes. I love that part we get to talk to so many more people now then we got to before. Also lots of people honk at us which I think is really cool.