Monday, May 20, 2013

My Analogies

This week was good we found 8 new investigators and we have found several golden investigators, I love those. They are willing to be baptized and really want to. We will have a baptism next week and the following week and the week after that we will have a new investigator that will be baptized, I am so excited.

The bad part -- transfers are this week. :( I don't want to get transferred out of Mount Jordan. I like it too much.) It is one of the most stressful days on your mission, the days when transfers come.
My favorite family is going to be married because of the Gospel that I had brought them. I love that family and will remember them for a long time. The dad is a professional cook and he made lobster and a really good food for us to eat. I hope that the family will always remember the Gospel that has changed their life.

In response from learning that his garden has died his family was suppose to take care of while he's been gone on his mission: My Garden is Dead!! :( lol That is ok. I already knew that. We still have the atonement and because Jesus Christ overcame death so can my garden. Hurray for the Atonement! At least the blackberry is still alive. I watered that for a long time and now it is big enough to withstand the forgetfulness of my family. Excluding Ben and kinda Alex because she is never around, but she would not remember either or just would not care (I am also teasing you Alex). That is like my mission, I am the blackberry plant that is watered really well until I reach a certain age when I go off on my own and have to work by myself to find water. (Luckily I have the living water so I only need to drink that once and I will never die), but an occasional drink that is easier to get would be nice and would help me grow faster. So it all goes down to . . . water the garden once in a while and pull the weeds that grow around it so when I come back we can make a blackberry pie. Because I don't get fed enough dessert on my mission. lol

Did you like that analogy? I am getting good at coming up with those out of the blue.

Example: I clean my shirt every week. What would happen if I never washed my shirt? It would look nasty. That is like church. We need to go there and get a "new shirt" every week by partaking the sacrament. That will wash you clean of your sins every week so you don't have to go around in a really nasty "shirt". So will you go to church this week and get a new shirt? Then they say "No" and you go on to the next person. Just kidding they are not that mean, they do hear you out most of the time.
I like analogies. It sometimes makes people laugh and makes them like you so that they will accept your invitations better.

I hope you like my letter. I tried to make it funny. I think my humor is different then it use to be. Like the dead Garden joke.