Monday, June 3, 2013

Birthday Weekend

Thanks for celebrating my birthday. I had a good day. I went with Elder K to Russians that he recently baptized. That was fun. They would switch between English and Russian so I was really confused a lot of the time. At least they did not always speak in Russian I can't even say hi in Russian, and I have been trying for a while.

So Ben, I have an area that is 2 miles long by about 3/4 of a mile wide and I feel like I bike a lot. It would take us 20 min to cross our whole area even when we talk to everyone we meet and ride slow. I can't imagine having to ride an hour to an appointment. You could ride across half of our mission in an hour on a bike.

I really enjoy riding a bike sometimes. It keep you fit and it allows me to not feel so bad when I eat dessert at 5 members houses every day. I told people that my birthday was yesterday and they all gave me cake. We have lots of cake at our house right now. 

I am getting to know this area better and things are picking up slowly but they are picking up. My district leader talked about patience and how as we do all we can and qualify for the Holy Ghost that God will send someone in our path that is ready to receive the gospel. 

This mission is strange because it works a lot out of faith. I could spend a half a week and knock on every door in our area, but we have the faith that there are people still out there that when asked in a different way they will receive the gospel. If you look at our mission it is the one of the highest baptizing missions in the world that speaks English. Also there are more people here that are going to receive the Gospel because they are putting even more missionaries here. That means there is too much work here for us to handle. We just need to find the work. The prophet knows that right now is a good time to spread the gospel because he is sending so many more people on missions and asking for money to help others go out on missions. So that means that there are people all of us know that will receive the gospel we just need to open our mouths and invite them.