Monday, June 10, 2013

Talk and Investigator

Elder Wade, an elder from my district, lives in St. George. He told me where that was. 
A FHE group that I have taught lots of lessons to
So this week was fun, I gave a talk yesterday. I am getting a lot better at talks. I prepared one and I did not even use it at all. That is cool when that happens. It is the Holy Ghost that guides you. You may do all you can and then when the time comes up the spirit will tell you what needs to happen and what needs to be said. That is actually one of the biggest differences between Preach My Gospel and memorized lessons. We can prepare for the lessons, but when the time comes don't be afraid to listen the the investigator and to the spirit and be willing to change the lessons that you have prepared.

Elder Kuli
So, we had an amazing blessing last Monday. We got a call from one of our bishops saying that someone wanted to meet with us. We went over then and talked to this guy named Philip. He has been in jail 3 times just had a DUI was sent to jail for many things, but now he wants to change. He has a daughter that is LDS but does not want anything to do with him because of his lifestyle. We now have him on date for baptism for June 29 and he is really excited. He came to church yesterday and really enjoyed all the people talking to him. He is going to change his life for the better because of this gospel that I have to bring him. He is going to stop all of the drugs and the smoking and is already making good progress towards that goal of his. I love all the things that will change due to the atonement. I love my mission. I now think I know why people love it so much. It is because we get to share the gospel with others and watch them change their lives. I love that. And because we are doing this, God blesses us. I think it is funny that God blesses us for blessing ourselves. Does that make sense? I hope it does.

Well I hope you all have a good week 
Wish Jessica good luck for me. [She leaves on her mission to Olorado Denver South mission and reports the the MTC June 19.]

Elder Walker

Some Yaks that are in the middle of town. It is so strange I had to take a picture.
A picture of the kitchen we have to ourselves. It is so much nicer when you can have your own kitchen rather then sharing it with your landlord. I can make food now. I did not do that at all in my last area besides top ramen :)