Monday, June 24, 2013

Notes from "Hastening the Work of Salvation" Broadcast

Yesterday, there was a worldwide church broadcast about missionary work and some changes. It can be found here. Elder J. Walker received bullet point notes from his mission president, President Miller. Elder J. Walker included his own notes in italics and parentheses.

Last time I will see President Miller
Message from the President:
Worldwide Leadership Training- Work of Salvation
23rd June 2013
Jeffrey R. Holland
  • Women need to be heard in ward councils (Very important they have a different view about things then we do as men.)
  • There are 405 mission presidents
  • Area 70’s in charge of transmitting information through coordinating councils.  This meeting used to carry the title Member Missionary Coordinating Council.  This indicates what the major purpose of this meeting is about.
  • Christ will direct you in your efforts far beyond your capacity. (Always rely on the Lord. Interesting thing I learned. The reason we are only allowed to call home is not because we will get homesick, but because we need to learn to rely on the Lord and not our family like we have our whole life.) 

Elder L. Tom Perry
  • We need to teach every kindred tongue and people.   The need has never been greater. (That is why they are letting Missionaries go out earlier not the other way around. They need the gospel spread now) 
  • Never a more exciting time. (Yay this is the best time to do missionary work)
  • Baptize repentant, qualified individuals. (Don't baptize for a number)
  • The key to missionary work is with the bishops and the ward mission leaders. (Us as missionaries can't do it alone tracking does not work very well. there are better ways.)
  • Keys of stake presidents and mission presidents must be joined together for the common cause. (They need to put all the keys together for it to work the best way)
  • New tools coming to missionaries: internet, Face book, Tablets There will need to be close monitoring of the missionaries using these tools. (I don't know when this is coming, but when it does it will make the work become a lot more efficient and force missionaries to fill out their paper work.)
  • Missionaries will be at meeting houses to give tours. (I have never done this don't know how it will work.)
  • Adapting to the times, the way we share the gospel is evolving; the mandate given by the Savior to preach the Gospel has not changed.  The old ways of door to door contacting are no longer workable. (Again tracting is bad does not work very well. There are better ways)
  • We have 70,274 missionaries now serving in 405 missions throughout the world. (One of those numbers is me)
  • Kids soccer analogy- Same goal but disorganized.  In the beginning all the players hover over the ball until they are taught a more effective way of playing various positions.  Knowing our role brings greater success. We must coordinate our efforts with the members and the missionaries. Ward councils are the key to this effort. (This reminded me of Robert. When he was younger He had great skill but he did not know how to use it the best way. this is like missionaries we might be good at teaching but we all can do better)
  • Ward mission leaders are to assure that missionaries’ planners are filled with productive activities  and the missionaries are engaged all day long. (I feel this is one of the hardest part of missionary work. If this actualy happened I would be so happy.)
  • Small % of converts receives the new member discussions. (We have been doing a really good job at this. I hope they are doing this in my last area)
  • Anxiously engaged.  Don’t wait to be asked or assigned.  Act vs acted upon- not just doing a checklist or following a handbook.
  • Internalize the covenant of baptism- that is when you will go and do. Act, not wait to be asked.
  • We must stand as a witness of Jesus Christ at all times and in all places.

VIDEO ON THE IMPORTANCE OF MISSIONARY SERVICE WAS SHOWN  Care must be taken to keep from having action to avoid action.  We must carefully plan service with a purpose.  (Side note from mission president: too much service can be bad because we will not be teaching and teaching is central to what missionary's do (this is in Preach My Gospel))

Jeffrey R. Holland:  Some are afraid to extend the invitation but if done in love there is no reason to fear.  All must be baptized to enjoy eternal life. (Never be afraid to invite to be baptize if you don't you are following the Devil he is the one who scares us and tells us that they will not be our friends if we ask them. I have invited people to be baptized that I have seen on the streets that I did not know I this that way cool especially when I am not afraid to do it.)

Elder Neil L. Anderson
  • Work begins on our knees. (Always pray)
  • When we feel spiritual impressions – go with them.  Christ will not let us fail when we do our part. (One of my favorite scriptures is Moses 6:31-32 read that then read Moses 7:13)
  • Stake and ward councils are to look after the members, active and inactive alike.
  • We are entitled to the Lord’s help.   It’s his work.  He won’t let us fail if we do our part. act
  • Help investigators feel needed, the church needs him/her. (Some people leave the church because they feel they are not needed don't let that happen tell they how much you love when they come to church or an activity)
  • Miracles don’t always come the way we expect; the Lord blesses us with miracles his own way, if we act. (Another scripture Mormon 9:19-20)
  • We can’t just wait and expect things to happen; we must act for the Lord to bless us (Ward councils make visits)- Pres. Monson quote.  “Wishing will not make it so, action is needed.” 

Elder Russell M. Nelson
  • There must be unity between members and missionaries, no divisions between different facets of the work.
  • Act out of love rather than being acted upon
  • The bishop and the ward mission leader are the two key players. The Bishop holds the keys. (Bishops need to not delegate the missionary work to another person it needs to be them, but as missionaries we do not have the right to tell them that. that would just cause problems. we can't tell our leaders what to do.)
  • It’s the WML’s job to fill the missionaries’ planners, to the point that the missionaries don’t have to knock doors.  He should be the best friend of the missionaries.  The WML makes the connection between the missionaries and the members. The goal of each ward should be that the missionaries teach 20 lessons per week. 
  • Handbook explains the what, not the ‘how’. (Handbook is way cool I want one. the way for everything is basically told in that handbook.)
  • Members and missionaries need to get to know one another.  Missionaries should be a part of the ward. (This is really hard for us because I have to go to 7 wards and a branch I need to work on this.) 

President Boyd K. Packer
Teaching is the key
  • Revelation doesn’t come until after you act (open your mouth).  We must depend more on the Lord. 
  • Trust the spirit.
  • Repent=Repeat, go back to where you went wrong and fix it, you can’t move on until this is done.
  • The atonement is the mighty healer. (I have seen the atonement work in people and heal people)
  • When I leave this earthly realm I will begin a new realm and a new school.
  • I know the Lord lives.  I know the Lord. (This is big. He Knows the Lord. He has seen the lord in gentile speech) (this is according to our mission president)

President Thomas S. Monson
  • There is NOTHING more explicit than the Savior’s mandate to preach the gospel and baptize.
  • When we act the Lord blesses us with success.
  • Door to door contacting is not the way to proclaim the gospel.  Members must become involved.  This is the better way. (Always a better way then door to door contacting)
Someone who was baptized in my last stake. I was able to go back to see his baptism. I taught him for a long time,
By the way I stayed in the south mission if you did not know. 

I spent too long going thought the notes so I dont have any time so good bye.

Elder Walker. 

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