Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day Weekend

First Mom, you can do some missionary work for me. You can email A. I told her that you would. You can just ask questions like "How is my son doing? Did he teach you well? What was the most memorable thing that he taught you? What will you always remember about him?" (This one will be, 'He cried a lot during the lessons'). She was the only one that I did it in almost every lesson. lol
She will be looking for it. So I am kinda forcing you to write her. Sorry. I will always remember A.

I will copy the letter she has sent me here so that you can read them to. 

I love my mission. There are so many great things that happen as a missionary.

We are teaching someone that has had the worst life that I have ever heard of due to his own actions. He is wanting to change. He has read the Book of Mormon already when he was in jail and believes that it is scripture. He will be baptized on the 29 of June if everything goes to plan. He is a really cool guy. I just never want to get on the wrong side of him. He is kinda scary when he is telling us what he did in his past life, but he knows that he needs to change and we are here to help him change. 

Happy Fathers Day. I don't know why we get to call home on Mother's day and not Father's day. I love you Dad and can't wait to share with you all of the things I have learned on my mission. There is only so much that I can write on the computer. 

Transfers are this week again. I have a serious dislike for transfers. I have had a new companion every time. I get really good friends with them and then they move. It stinks. Also, this transfer was only 4 weeks long. Way too short. I can't learn a new area in 4 weeks so I hope that Elder Kolpakov does not leave. 

We got to hear from Elder Cook this week. It was so cool. Here is a little what he said to us:

Elder Quentin L. Cook

An Apostle’s Counsel to the Utah Salt Lake City South Mission
We were all lifted and inspired as Elder and Sister Cook spoke with us in our mission conference last Friday.  I remember sitting on the stand in amazement as Elder and Sister Cook touched on different topics and gave particular counsel to our mission that was exactly what we needed.  If I had sat down with the Cooks for two hours I could not have asked him to give a more germane discourse.

As I reviewed Sister Miller’s and my notes we came up with the following principles that we must ponder and use to become true Preach My Gospel missionaries.
1.     “Lift up your heart and rejoice for the hour of your mission has come.”
2.      There are two things that most converts and less active remember about the lessons they received.
        A.     The First Vision
                (1). If set up and told correctly the Holy Ghost will bear witness
                (2)  It teaches a multitude of correct doctrines:
                (3)  God continues to reveal himself to man.
                (4)  The cannon of scriptures are not closed.
                (5)  God and Jesus Christ are separate individuals.
                (6)  God knows us by name.
                (7)  The gospel of Jesus Christ was to be restored by Joseph Smith.
        B.  The Plan of Salvation:
                (1)  It answers four great concerns of man:  Where he came from.  The purpose of life.  Where he is going and what man can become.
                (2)  It teaches us that God has a plan for us and we have a purpose.
3.  He spoke of agency and opposition. Missionaries will face adversity and many individuals will not receive the gospel because they have their agency. The elect will.  D&C 29:7.
4.  President Hinckley taught that if you have more faith you will have more success.  Later Elder Cook said that there was nothing more important than teaching faith in Jesus Christ.  If you want investigators to have more faith you must commit them to action.
5.  Elder Cook referred to President Tanner’s advice to live and teach by the spirit.  To do so missionaries must put away foolishness.
6.  When investigators put up walls of resistance such as citing anti-Mormon ideas, we must first be sensitive to the spirit and discern what the real problem is.  There will be times when you would ask the investigator if they know what you have taught is true.  If so, do you really even need to deal with these negative things?
7.  When investigators commit to invitations we must follow with promise blessings.

Elder Cook also gave us an apostolic blessing. Among those things he blessed us with were:
1.  Blessing of unity in the mission.  Loving our companions tops the list of importance.
2.  Blessed us to  be able to feel how we can bless our companion.
3.  He blessed our home situations. That things at home would improve according to our service.
4.  Blessed us that our service would bring blessings to those near and dear to us.
5.  Blessed us not to be discouraged.
6.  Blessed us to realize how important it was for us to feed the Lord’s sheep.
7.  Blessed us to know that the atonement would balance all the unfairness of the world.

I would conclude by testifying that you all heard the mind and the will of the Lord when you listened to Elder Cook. He was the mouth piece of the Lord speaking to each of you specifically and teaching you what you must know and do to be happy and at peace in your mission. I so testify in the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ.  
Love, President Miller
I think that Ben would enjoy these notes that have been taken there is really good advice.

Elder Joshua Walker