Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Utah Experiences

My companion and a Member
Here in Utah it is very hot. About the same as it is in California I am sure, but in California I was not outside all the time. Ben, I am drenched sometimes at people doors too, but not from a storm but from sweating so much. There was a record high about 4 days ago for June. It was 105. We had a car this week, but the problem is that we don't ever drive very far. We drive at the most 5 min and at that time the car is just starting to get the same temp as outside. The car is about 130 inside when we start, and about 95 when we get out. 

Interesting story. We were going through the unbaptized kids list and the very first door we knocked on was an anti-Mormon guy. He came out with a paper and a pen and asked for the people that sent us there. We told him that no one sent us to his door, but God and that we were representatives of Jesus Christ. He then got really mad and told us to tell who ever sent us that they don't want any thing to do with him. So basically he said he doesn't want anything to do with God. He then started to swear at us and told us that he was going to go to church and find out who our leader is and yell at him in the middle of sacrament. So then we told him when church starts and that he is welcome to come. (We were not trying to be mean). He then got really really mad and got into his car. Almost ran over our bikes and drove off and told us that we were going to be sorry. (By the way, this is not super unusual. It does not happen much but every once in awhile we will knock on a door and something like that will happen.) The strange thing is that he actually did something. The next day we had correlation meeting and the Stake President showed up and told us that he [the anti-Mormon man] went to the temple (it is like 10 min from his house). He [anti-Mormon] tried to go in and the Temple President talked to him. (I don't know exactly what happened there, except that he was really mad and told the temple president that he does not want any one coming by his house again). He told us earlier that he was going to call the police. He did call them, but he probably got a hold of a Mormon there because they told him that the missionaries did nothing wrong and that they are allowed to do that.

This experience went into my journal.
I was debating whether to tell you or to wait until I get home. I don't want you to think I am harmed from any of it because I am not, but I want you to be aware that even though we are on the Lord's mission (all of us not just missionaries) we still face trials.

We baptized Brandon on Saturday. The water heater did not work so we heated some water in the kitchen. My companion did the actual baptism and he said that the water was freezing. It reminded me of Ben's baptism where the water was really cold. I did the confirmation the next day. We were doing it at 9 and we also were going to give talks at 9 in a different ward. So we did the confirmation and then hurried over to the other ward and walked in about 15 min late and gave our talks then we gave 2 more presentations for primary. It was really busy yesterday. Sundays are crazy for missionaries and I thought that we were commanded to rest on the Sabbath Day.

Also give my thanks to the Chapmans. I am really good at getting along with kids because of them. We are teaching two 9 year olds and one came in the other day and said "McKenzie has a crush on you," then turns to McKenzie and said "I told him your secret." lol I thought that was really funny. My companion thought it was hysterical. I really do get along with kids really well. I know how to play with them while still being a missionary. I think that is due to babysitting the Chapman kids.

Elder Joshua Walker