Tuesday, September 23, 2014


We found a new investigator who is golden. He loves the Book of Mormon. It brings him happiness every time he picks it up and reads it. He is on date to be baptized for Oct 11th. He is excited. His name is Alec. The first time we went over at the end he said, "Is it time to pray?" We said yes and then he proceeded to say I am scared to pray, but I know that I need to pray anyways. It was a very basic prayer but you could tell that it came from the heart.

We taught 22 lessons this week. Crazy right! A normal week we would teach about 12 or something like that. We are teaching a lot of recent convert lessons and a lot of less active lessons. Something we have been instructed to do by a Seventy that visited our mission. 

I love my companion, he is a great Elder and loves the gospel. He has really changed his life to come on his mission. He has done things that I would have never dreamed of anyone doing, but he has repented and now he is wonderful. 

Our zone is a good zone too. All the other zones we had things we have had to "fix", but this zone has had none of those. I appreciate that a lot. 

Going to the temple was wonderful we got to do that on Tuesday. We saw the newest one. Every time I go I learn so many things that help me in missionary work and in my life. Interesting thing that happens all the time in the YSA stake is that about 4 times a week we get a text form a returned missionary that tells us that he wants to go out with us on splits. I have always struggled to find someone who really wants to go out with us and now there are too many that we tell them that if they have an appointment for us that we will take them. haha this is a lot different. 

So I will be going to the Saturday PM session [of General Conference] and then the priesthood session later that night. Yes, I did get to go to the temple dedication. That was really cool! I loved it and I was able to feel the spirit so strong. President Monson said in the dedication to love the temple, to appreciate the temple, and to attend the temple.  He also said that the temple is a light home that leads us to heaven. 

Elder Bednar said that when we are in the temple we are home! I thought that was cool.

Interesting thing that happened because we could not have anyone we are working with go to church that day it posed a problem. No less active members or non members were allowed to go the church that day, so what we did is just watched a sacrament meeting on TV and that counted for them to go to church.