Thursday, September 4, 2014

YSA Stake

I cover the young signal adults wards. They just split the stake so I am now over about 15 other stakes. I cover one of the largest areas in the mission. Our last stake got white washed. [White washed: both missionaries are transferred out and two new missionaries to the area are transferred in]. Kinda sad we were having lots of success there and now it is kinda dull. Well the Lord knows what is going on. My companion is great. Elder Small from the Bua Island of Fiji. He is a great elder that made lots of changes to be able to be out here on his mission. I love him. We switched zones. Kinda sad as well, but cool news is that I am now over one of my old areas. So I know one part of my area really well. Jordan Oaks.

The YSA is a different mission. You have people your own age that you are teaching and working with. A lot different then what I am used to. We are having success here though. We have 3 people on date to be baptized on the 20th of September. Yay! One has a crazy story. So 2 weeks ago one of our investigators named Tee did not even believe in God and now he said he was praying one night because he wanted a change and he took a walk and was praying to God. And the heavens opened up and he said he felt it embrace him and at that time he knew there was a God. So he did research online. (Never a good thing especially about the Mormon church) and then he asked one of his coworkers that he did not know very [well] and asked him what religion he was. Well God works in mysterious ways. He was Mormon and told him about the church and just so happened to have a Book of Mormon on him and gave it to him. Then the family elders knock on his door 5 days latter, and then we as YSA get a referral from the family elders telling us to go over there and teach. Great lesson. He already knew all about Joseph Smith and he told us he felt like cheating because he already knew all of what we were telling him. Golden! but we ask him for referrals and he later asks his brother if he wants to meet with us and then he gets this nasty 8 page text from him telling him about how we are not Christians and how those Mormons are liars and the such. It made him really sad to see his brother act that way so we had to have the lesson at his now fellowship's house. Lesson went well and we talked about some of the anti stuff his brother gave him and he told us that he had already done his research on all of it and he knows that this church is true. So this Sunday he was trying to go to church and his brother was waiting for him down stairs and he was scared to go down there so he had is sister distract him while he crawled out the window and got in his car and drove off. Then we meet him at church and he is scared because he thinks he is late (he was about 15 min early), but he wanted to prepare him self. Way cool guy! He is in 2nd Nephi and he has gone to the Ogden Temple open house. He loves the temple and when he was waking around (again with his fellowship) he said he felt like he was in a museum where you were not allowed to touch anything but he wanted to touch everything. Funny he saw a drinking fountain and he asked his fellowship if it was ok to drink out if it because it looked so beautiful. He is a funny guy. Then in gospel principle class they were talking about spiritual gifts and about getting them. Now interesting thing is that he was sitting next to us and sharing all of his insights with us, because he was too shy to raise his hand. He is not a very social person.

The best thing about the YSA is that everyone is the best fellowship ever, half of them are all recently returned missionaries and so they know exactly how to help us.

Funny thing about the YSA is that you have a lot of less actives that want to come because they want to find someone to date. Like I said earlier. A little different environment.