Monday, September 8, 2014

I know who I am

This week was interesting. Lots of things happened. We had several of our investigators text us and tell us that they don't want to meet anymore and they don't want to learn anymore. Normally when things like this happen I am disappointed, but I was reading in Preach my Gospel and it said that disappointment will decrease my faith and desire. So I decided to look at it in another way. The way I chose to look at it is that God knew that they would stop investigating the church and He knew that his missionaries would not be to happy about it. So a question arises from all of this. Why did we even start teaching them and seeing them progress only to see them leave what we were teaching them or to have trials that they are trying to over come to stop their progression?

I believe that things like this occur, because if they did not then we would not know how to deal with it in the world outside of an "Elders life." So I chose to look at it that God will take care of these people and he will have them remember what we have taught them and eventually they will have another chance to accept it and now they will know exactly what is expected of them in the Church of Jesus Christ.

I fasted for a miracle yesterday so that I would know that I was on the right path and that God would show me in something that happened in that day. At about 2:30 we get a phone call from a Mom who has a less active son in our area and she really wants him to become active. We had been trying to contact this individual for several days and we saw their Dad outside doing yard work and we stopped by and asked if we could help. He lives in Draper and was just down there taking care of the property. We talked to him a little. (He refused to let us do any of the yard work) and he told us about his son and then we gave our phone number to him, and told him to call if we could help with anything. So back to the phone call at 2:30 on Sunday the Mom called and was so grateful that the YSA missionaries were trying to see her son and then she asked for the bishop's phone number and the ward information. That was the answer to my fasting that day. God showed me that even in small things I can bless people all around even if it is not in a baptism, but simply to calm a Mother's heart and know that someone cares for her son.

By the way Mom I have had too many companions that have not been focused at the end of their mission and I have seen what it does to the area and the companion. So I will not be doing that. Talking about home does not distract me.

The Church of Jesus Christ by Janice Kapp Perry
I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. (That is who I am "true blue though and though")
I know who I am. (Elder Walker)
I know God's plan. (Lesson 2 in Preach My Gospel)
I'll follow him in faith. (This has to do with the next phrase)
I believe in the Savior, Jesus Christ. (First principle in the Gospel of Jesus Christ)
I'll honor his name. (keep my baptism convents)
I'll do what is right; (Keep the commandments)
I'll follow his light. (it is much easier to follow a light then the dark)
His truth I will proclaim. ( I am a missionary!!!)
(This is the song that came into my head when I started writing that sentence.)
(The things after each phrase is the first thing that came to my mind as I read each phrase)
I do know who I am. I know what I am doing right now and I want you to know this as well. 
I do appreciate your concern. Some missionaries it does effect, so I am not trying to say that I don't appreciate it. Just realize that I am working hard and I now know how to be a better missionary than I ever had on my whole mission. I know how to rely on the Spirit and how to rely on God. That is what I will do as my mission comes closer to the end. I get reminded everyday by members that I only have a few months left so I have had to find someway to deal with it. haha

Being a zone leader is a lot easier (and fun) when missionaries are doing what they are meant to do. Then you are just a guide and friend. When a missionary doesn't follow the white handbook that is when being a zone leader becomes hard. I think about that when it comes to any leadership position in the church. Bishop, Elders Quorum president, Ward mission leader... the blessing is that no matter what is going on the Lord is sustaining you! Plus the whole ward has sustained you as well.