Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Rough Times, but Good

I am going to go to the temple today at 3 that is why I did not email yesterday. This past week was crazy. Lots of things happening. So at the beginning of last week we were praying and fasting for our investigators and kinda the opposite things happened that we did not want to happen. First off we have completely lost contact with some of our investigators. They disappeared. Sad. and then we were walking down the street and high school got out and we got 2 people to yell at us and one to throw something at us. It did not hit us but I think it was a rock. He swore at us and then not 2 min. later we got another person to yell ''devil" at us.

Then we got a call from one of our fellow-shippers for one of our investigators and she chastised us for inviting her friend to be baptized and told us that we don't have the Spirit with us and that we were not good teachers and the such. Then through all of this we have about 10 lessons cancel on us.

So we are a little disappointment this week and Sunday comes around and our only lesson with an investigator with a member present. We are working so hard to make it a good lesson during comp study and we get a call and one of our less active lessons canceled. Then we go out to our car to go to church and we start driving off the drive way and it has a completely flat tire. So we put on the spare and then while we are on the ground we got a text from our investigator saying that she is sick and she can't have the lesson and she will not be able to make it to church. :( So we are not able to. We get in our car and then realize that we only have about 40 miles left of gas and it is Sunday. We go to church. and our last investigator texted us about 2 min before church starts and said that he will try to make it to Church. He does not make it. So last week was kinda rough.

This week is going to be really good though we have already taught 4 lessons yesterday. We are going to go though the temple and we have some lessons with new investigators already set up. yay. Good things that happened last week. We had some good less active lessons and we were able to feel the spirit very well in those lessons. We were able to give 3 blessings last week and miracles came from those blessings. One was a healing blessing. He had just had surgery on his bladder. He had stones in his bladder. Little different and there had been lots of swellings and things. A week later his son should be getting married and he wanted to be there so bad. The wife was talking about who they are going to get to give him a blessing to him when she saw us talking to her neighbor. She called us over. We gave him a blessing and we saw him a few days later and he was up and walking and she said to us that 1 hour after the blessing he was fine. A little weak but fine. Really cool to see that.

Then the other blessing we gave were for someone the sisters were teaching. Her car broke down and she had no way of getting her kids to church and her parents left her because she came back to the church. (she was less active) She was very scared because she had no way of getting to work or anything. We gave her a blessing and then next day her car was just fine. God loves his children a lot. We are so blessed to have the priesthood in this restored church. The power to act in Christ's name. crazy right? Sometimes I think we forget what we have.

I don't mean to complain about the work. It has its ups and downs. Yesterday we taught a girl named Falisha. She is a wonderful person and we knocked on her door Sunday night and asked if we could have a lesson with her on Monday. She is a little shy. So the next day we have a lesson and turns out that yesterday she said she was very close to committing suicide because of her depression. She is going to go to a hospital in about a week. But the lesson we had was one of the most powerful I have had in a long time. Totally by the Spirit. We talked about the Atonement and Christ and how he can help you. That is when she told us about committing suicide. (We happened to be at the bishop's house at that time as well)  She was crying and of course Elder Walker was crying. haha

As missionaries we are God's servants and he leads us where he wants us to go so that is why we were lead to that house at that time.