Thursday, October 2, 2014


We had MLC this week Mission Leadership Training. It was cool. President Chambers talks to all the sister training leaders STL and the zone leaders ZL. He shares some great insights about the scriptures and new things coming out. I love them. Before my mission I did not like meetings very much, now I love them and can't wait until the next one. 

We are teaching Alec. He is one of the coolest investigators ever. We were able to teach him about Christ and he has heard little to none about Him. he told us,"that Guy is a great Man!" We told him back, "Yes it is Jesus Christ." Then he said "O that is why every one likes him." We laughed and said yes part of the reason is that and then went on explaining the atonement. Every time we go over there he opens the Book of Mormon and wants to read it with us. He has a true love for the Book of Mormon. We have to tell him sometimes that we have a lesson about the plan of salvation and we need to teach it to you. He just does not want to do anything with us except read the book of Mormon with us. 

Today is my companion's Birthday. He is now 23 years old. 

This week we have had to fix a lot of issues with our zone. That is one thing as a zone leader that is tricky. Like you said Mom people sometimes don't like you because of the tings you have to say to them. (Like Dad or Nephi talking to his Brothers) I was reading about Nephi and building the boat today. Nephi was chastising his brothers about partying on the boat and told them to stop and then his brothers tie him up for 4 Days! That is a long time and no one could soften their hearts except the Lord. Not even Nephi's Kids.

One thing about being over so many stakes is that we are trying is to visit the ward leaders from the family wards and try to get referrals from them for young signal adults. Just a finding idea. if you have any I would love to hear them about how to find people to teach. 

Have a good week!

Love Elder Walker