Tuesday, October 14, 2014

New Place

Brother McCall is the very first person that I ever gave a blessing to in my life. That is kinda sad that he passed away.

I met Michael Barton's cousin yesterday. He is in my stake. 

This stake is a good one and I will be fun to train my last few transfers. How did you know my companions name? Was it in the letter they send home? Elder Goins is a good elder. I like him and I will be able to teach him a lot and I will also learn some things from him as well. He comes from a rough background. He is learning and wants to learn a lot. 

We have one person on date and he is progressing. He is 9 years old. His mom is becoming active as well. 

We are teaching lots. The area has had missionaries that were not really liked by [members] very much. So sad, but they seem to like us. I feel like I have really learned how to get a stake to trust us. Or in that case anyone. I don't fully know how I do it but I think the number one thing to do is to smile. That helps so much for everyone. 

The members in this stake knows how to help us as missionaries. They are very helpful. We have 8 referrals right now and a lot of them seem really good. 

I love being a missionary and training gives me the opportunity to give my knowledge to a new missionary so he can help other missionaries. This is the first person that I have trained that will be staying in this mission because all the rest I have trained were trial missionaries. 

We are on bikes. That is fun except when it is cold and when it is dark and when you want to get from place to place. [Editor's note: ask Ben what he thinks.] The benefits for it is that we get to talk to a lot more people out on the street. That is good for Elder Goins. Just to learn how to talk to strangers.