Monday, February 4, 2013

Mt. Jordan Stake

I cover 7 wards, 1 stake. It is a lot of work. Last week, the first Sacrament meeting I went to was 30 minutes long. Strange. The talks were like 3 min each. That was strange. I go to 3 sacraments each week. This week we had 11 kids go up and bare there testimony. They did it in a row and all said the same thing. "I know the Church is true and I love my family. In the name of Jesus amen". It was strange. We have on date 3 people to be baptized so hopefully that will happen. I am excited.

My area is Mt. Jordan Stake. Not very big, and yes I do drive. I like driving in the snow. lol. We don't go very fast in residential areas and that is all we have. I forgot to tell you my first night I got offered to smoke pot with someone. He was high and did not know who we were. I love the people in my district, they are funny. My companion thinks I am weird. Am I? lol. I love him. He teaches me alot.

So this week I went out to eat 3 times and 2 times someone paid for us. That is so cool. I think I will do that when I get home. Also I keep thinking about some families back home. You guys need to invite them to all the ward activities and ask them to help in it. I have learned that it helps you accept people better when you are serving.

Some people shut the door when we are talking to them. I think I have had the shortest conversations ever.

I hate drugs. So many people have problems with that and they want to quit, but it is so hard for them to quit.

My mission president, Pres Miller, is so cool. He has great advice for us every time we do something like talking to everyone you can think of.

Got to go, might write more later if I have time.
Love Elder Walker