Monday, February 25, 2013

Word of Advice, Please?

It definitely snowed a lot this week. We got the car grounded 3 times because of how bad it was so I had to walk in the snow. I actually kinda like it though, it does make everything look so clean. Also, the baptisms were very cool. My first 2 baptisms! Yay! I gave a talk on Baptisms. I am going to keep all of the programs of the baptisms that we perform. We now don't have very many investigators because 3 of them are moving and 2 of them got baptized. It is crazy the work that is going on here.
First, I might be switching missions because they are splitting our mission in July! There is going to be a Salt Lake City East Mission. So the mission will be changing drastically. I know that one of the BYU-I teachers will be our new mission president. (I can't remember his name. You can look it up online. [It's John C. Eberhardt]). That is cool. Also, we had a talk from a member of the 70 (Elder Clayton) he told us before it came to the general public. I really like talks from general authorities. I was also able to go to the temple this week. The Draper temple. It was strange being there because I was there with you guys not that long ago, but the Elders in my district know so much about the temple. Have I told you I love Elder Maddy? (In the pictures of me at zone conference I was probably sitting next to him). I hope I am going to be able to stay with him through the next transfers. (They are this week).

So we have this investigator that knows everything she needs to know for baptism but just won't get baptized. She has been on date 4 times and keeps falling through. (She came to another baptism). She is such a great person. Any advice? I think that she might be getting too close to us. That part confuses me. We are supposed to love our investigators, but they are not supposed to love us too much. That is harder to do than you think.
She has lots of friends in the Church so it will not be a problem that is is not converted to the church. But it is still a challenge. Any advice Ben?

In Utah, we get desserts every day. Once we got 4 desserts in one day because when we go tracting and run into an active members home they always offer us dessert and they don't accept no as an answer. I think I will be a lot heavier when I return than when I came out :( Not good. My companion has gained 15 pounds in 3 transfers. Again. Not good. Lol. We eat so well some weeks I love it. I think when spring comes and it gets above 40 degrees then we will start to ride bikes and that will help a lot with that.

One funny experience that we had was eating at a Tongan (maybe Samoan) family's house for dinner. The first 3 plates that she brought to the table were covered in Meat. It was so much food. They made us eat most of it. By the time we were done I could hardly move, I don't think I have ever eaten so much meat in my life. (I feel like I was breaking the word of wisdom by not eating meat sparingly.) Then they brought out dessert for us. 
One of them was actually from Modesto. That was cool, he was inactive and in the other stake but it was still cool. Most people know where Modesto is. That surprises me a lot.

I love tracting. We meet so many funny people and I have had some of the shortest conversations of my life tracting. Example: "Hi." Cut off he said, "Not interested." Door shuts as I start to ask, "So who do you know that we can share this Gospel to?" To get a referral. I think it is crazy the things people say to us. 

Another example: "Do you really think that we were made in the image of God?" We said, "Yes." He goes on and said, "I don't thing God would have to clip his toe nails do you?" Then he rambles on talking about how ridiculous the Mormon Religion is. That was one of the funniest conversations we had at a door. I just wish that they would open there hearts a little so that they would understand a little better the things that we could bring them.

Letter to mission president: 
2 Diligence. I am going to strive to work this week! I am going. This week, we need to find [people to teach] and diligence, I believe, is what will help us the most to succeed in this aspect of the work.
3 This week in PMG, I studied the restoration through the prophet Joseph Smith. I learned that there is a lot more in that section then I thought there was. When I teach it now I know that there is more then just the vision even though that is the most important part.
4 This week to strengthen my companionship with Elder Maddy I did his dishes so much throughout the week
5 This week the most spiritual experience I had was the baptisms we had. They were wonderful. We had an investigator show up to one of them and I think that was a tender mercy of the Lord. They had great talks that helped her with her concern. I love being a missionary so much even with all the hard work.

Don't expect this long of letter ever again. We had extra time given to us today to type.
Love Elder Joshua Walker.

P.S. Good job Robert on the talk! I can just imagine you giving it. Just like your testimonies.

Word of advice (activate less active members).