Monday, February 11, 2013

Invitations of Baptism, Dogs, and People

I can have lots of music. So if you could send me a CD full of gospel songs that would be great. I also remember songs that we had in our DVD player, it was by a Mormon artist group that did not use any instruments just their mouths. It is a lot of fun Church tunes. We can have music that is fun too like Disney music. Now I don't want any Disney music, but that is to show you how lenient he is on music.

My mission president told me that two separate bishops wrote him letters. Which 2 bishops he did not tell me. I know Bishop Burnham, but who else?

This week has been very cool. I invited 2 people to be baptized. It was very neat. The first one we did not think we were going to be able to teach him because his wife said he was sick. We offered a blessing. He accepted. I gave the blessing part (my first one on the mission). It really brought the Spirit there. Then we taught a little and then I popped the question if he will be baptized. He said he will! He has some work to do. He smokes a lot but he will stop. He is doing it a lot for his kids.
The second person is on probation. So that will be interesting. He did not come to church. :(

We have 6 on date to be baptized. We had 7 people come to church.

In Utah every one has a dog. I don't like dogs anymore. They detract the person from the lessons and they bark at every door we knock at. It is very annoying and my companion is scared of dogs kinda so we don't knock at every door because there are huge dogs barking at us all the time.

I love the members. That makes this the best mission ever. Everyone is honking at you and waving, and when we are walking people offer rides all the time.

Last week I talked to some one who knew Ryan's oldest sister. She said that she would call her and tell her that I stopped by.

Again here is what I sent to my mission president:
I am going to work on charity. I think that if we work on this we will see more investigators this week then we did last week. 
I was reading Isaiah 55. I love the part were it says that Gods ways are higher then ours. I think I needed to know that because sometimes I think that I always know the best way to do something, but God knows a lot more then I ever have or will. I need to remember that. 
I love Elder Maddy he is the greatest missionary ever. I feel like we are best friends. We never argue and we work really well together. I think that is one of the reasons that we have so many on date to be baptized. The only thing I think we need to work on is that I teach more from the scriptures in our lessons because he normally whips out the scriptures and I don't ever know what scriptures to use. I think that If I participate a little more in the lessons that it would solve this problem. 
The testimony builder that I had this week was that I did invite 2 people people to be baptized and I did the blessing part in a blessing for the sick and afflicted this really helped my testimony grow because I felt the Holy Ghost at those times.