Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Same Area :)

I moved someone last week and it took 4 hours. I was so physically exhausted after carrying things down a flight of stairs and up a flight. There was a lot of stuff. Very heavy stuff. Then we still had to go out and work. That was crazy. Thanks for all the food and stuff. I love it.

I also think it is funny that Kelsie called you and that is where all the questions came from. She is a great convert of mine. I really enjoy talking to her and seeing her progress. 

We had another baptism this week. Nataly. She is really cool. I enjoy seeing these people change for the better. I did her confirmation.

So I stayed in this area. That means I will be here for at least 9 months in 1 area. I like that. I am still a district leader, but I am second transfer training. His name is Elder Garver. He is a good elder. He is another trial missionary. I have gotten every trial missionary for the past 5 months that has come in our mission. I don't fully understand what that means. He is really humble and really wants to learn. For that I am grateful. It is so much easier to help and train missionaries when they are humble. I just hope that I was humble when I first came out. haha. 

We went hiking up near the Draper Temple. That was fun. 

So we gave talks yesterday. I was really impressed with how well I did on my talk. [For those of you who don't remember, before Joshua left on his mission he dreaded giving talks.  He would be extremely nervous about them and could hardly eat or sleep in the time leading up to to his talk.]  I shared some missionary stories and I cried. I thought of you Mom crying up while giving a talk. ha ha

Well I am really grateful for the experiences that I get on my mission. I love it and I love seeing how much I have changed and to see how much the people I have taught have changed. I don't say this to sound prideful, but it is good to see what the Lord can do in me and how He can help me change and become something that I did not think I could. Like giving good talks. I could never have seen myself giving a good talk and one where I don't have to read it all from a paper.

We are really studying a lot about the atonement and how much it can help us in our lives. For example, when Nephi gets tied up my his brothers he does not cry to the Lord for the bands to just go away, but that be will be strong enough to overcome it. So to strengthen him and not necessarily get rid of the trials in our lives, but to help us though them. For example, I should not pray that all of my investigators concerns should go away, but that they will be strong enough to over come them when they do come into their lives. Or on a funny note, to pray so that I will be given guidance of how to overcome eating tomatoes, and not that I will never be served tomatoes again. ha ha I will try that.
That is just a simple example of how the atonement can help us not do it all for us. We need to be changed by grace not just accept it.