Monday, June 30, 2014

Similar Conversations

This week has been interesting. I taught district meeting and it went well I like doing these now. I talked about patriarchal blessings and how they can bless your life. I had them bring it and read it and while they were reading it they were to look for who God wanted them to be.

Also one of my recent converts got her patriarchal blessing as well. She loves it. 

So I don't know if you know this, but my companion has not gone through the temple yet, he will go though it when this transfer is over. He is so excited to be able to go though and have these blessings. Unfortunately he feels a little self conscience about the whole thing because he feels like he is a little bit less, due to not going through the temple. I think he is great and a really hard worker, but it is hard for him being so close to home and every time he tells someone where he is from they say, "Wow and they sent you here on a mission? Why would they do that? When you opened your mission call did you just stomp on it in frustration?"  It just gets tiring after 100 people say just about that same thing. 
He is excited to be able to receive a call to go somewhere else and not have those comments.

That is one thing about a mission- everyone asks the same questions. 
Here they are:
Where are you from?
I am from Modesto, California.
Where is that? in Northern California or Southern?
It is a little below Sacramento and above Fresno in the Central Valley. (Normally they then name someone they know in southern California to see if I know them. I never do.)
So elders, how long have you been out?
About 18 months.
Wow that is a long time. Are you trunky yet? (I don't like that question)
No, I like my mission. 
How many people are in your family?
5 kids including myself. 
I have one older sister who is going to have a baby soon, one older brother who went on a mission in the South, one little sister who is going to go to BYU and one little brother who is now bigger than me. 
I give all this information at once because if I don't they will ask me and if I do it all at once then we can maybe have a little bit of a different conversation than the ones I have had a lot.
It is funny because I have had this exact conversation with so many people I can't even count how many it is.

Now when I go home I am sure that I will ask the missionaries the same questions so I am not doing this to complain, just tell you a little what I say about my life. 

The 4th of July is coming up. 

That means we get to go to 9 ward parties. That is something really cool about being a missionary over 9 wards is that they have lots of activities that we go to. More people to meet and more people to help. Normally they do breakfast on the 4th of July. I like breakfast. It is something we rarely have time for.