Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Companion Changes

So my new companion is Elder Baum. He is such a hard worker. Just what I need right now. It helps a lot when you are with someone that wants to work as hard or even harder then you do. Keeps you busy and obedient. Companions that are ready to go home are so much harder to get motivated to work sometimes.

We have 6 people on date for our area and more on the way this week. It is really exciting to have this much work to do. Lots of things to continue helping this family progressing in the gospel. Yay I hope they get baptized on May 17th. 

This week I have given about 4 blessings to people. I love giving blessings to everyone. My district has changed dramatically. I now have the ZLs in my district and the sister training leaders and other sisters. Here in Draper there is about half sisters. It is a little different working with sisters then elders.

This next transfer there will be about 15 zone leaders going home. Crazy! I don't want to be a zone Leader. Too much driving around. I don't like that. I am not driving any more. I have decided that I like just sitting in the car navigating rather than driving. I have been driving for 6 months and I am now done. My companion really likes to drive, but he has not driven for 11 months so it is a little scary at times. haha He is from The South. His Dad was a bishop and he has a girlfriend. Really serious with her. He actually baptized her before he came on a mission. That is kinda cool.

Elder Kolpakov is going to propose to his girlfriend on May 3rd. That is strange to think about. He sent me an email with a picture of them. [Elder Kolpakov is now back in Russia.]

Church is fun. I got to go to 2 Gospel Doctrine classes and they were on the same lesson, But I found it interesting that because of the comments from the class I got two completely different Ideas when I was in basically the same class. I think that is neat how the Spirit can speak to you differently depending on the environment that it is in. I think that is one of the same reasons that when you read from the Book of Mormon that you still get a different lesson from it when you read it in different situations.

We are starting to do more service because a lot more people are out in there yards so we are able to stop and help them.