Monday, April 21, 2014

New Investigators

Hi family.
I had a great week. We found 11 new investigators, the most I have ever found on my mission. I am pretty sure it is a record in our mission. OK maybe not, but it the most I have ever found. We found 8 in one night. 

We started by going to teach a recent convert named Kelsie. She is really cool. Her younger brother is not baptized and he goes to church every Sunday. We sat down with them and started talking about the church. She has a really good conversion story which I will send to you one day, but we asked him why he comes to church. He told us that he really likes the feeling that he gets at church and that he knows that the church is true. We then asked him if he would be baptized and he said yes! So cool. So many cool things are happening in this stake. We set a date of May 3. He said he would pray about it.

Then we had another appointment that the zone leaders set up for us. They talked to this person on the street his name is Mervyn He is 36 and has lots of kids. We go there and we start teaching with him and 2 of his kids. The Mom was there but had to leave to go to the store. When she left Mervyn's father came and we started to teach him as well. Then the Mom came back with one of the other daughters and Mervyn's sister. So we had a total of 7 non-members that we were teaching. It was so cool. They were all receptive and ready to hear the gospel. We were screaming for joy afterwards. We talked about baptism and they said that they would talk about it as a family. I love this work. So many fruits of working for God.

Then we had another appointment a few days later and another one of his daughters was there as well. One of their sons had read some of the Book of Mormon and really wanted to get baptized. He said that he had a dream after he read it and he knew it was true. He is about 11 years old. We asked them if they talked about being baptized and they said that they did and some of the kids really want to be baptized and said they will come to church this Sunday. Yay.

We were also able to teach this other family named the Trip's. They are really nice, but it was more of a bashing appointment. We picked them up as new investigators as well, but I don't think they will progress because they said they want to convert us to there religion. My companion like to bash. Haha. I try to stay away from it. I have never seen any fruit from arguing with one another.

This week has been full of miracles. one right after another. I know these happen every day but it is nice to see big miracles once in a while.

Transfers are this week so I might get transferred but most likely I will stay because my companion is going home since he is finishing his mission. That is just to warn you if I change areas. I seem to change areas when I find lots of new investigators like this. Just when an area is turning really hot I get transferred. Oh well. That just means that the Lord wants me somewhere else.

So did the scouts go on a 50 mile hike since I have been out on a mission?
Also when does Michael [a young man from our ward]  turn in his mission call? Who is the next to go on their mission? 

Monday, after we emailed you, we went to Soccer City an indoor soccer field. We played for about 2 hours. We had about 40 missionaries there. We get in for free and had the whole place for our-selves. That was lots of fun except I was sore for about 2 days afterwards. As missionaries we are only allowed to watch church movies and one of the best church moves that we watch is Legacy. I have never seen it before my mission but while on my mission I have probably watched it about 10 times. We watch the really old ones as well they are funny to laugh at.

Also Happy birthday Monica! I hope that you have a good day. You are now an adult and are almost done with high school. That is really exciting. I know that you are a wonderful person and love doing what is good. Keep it up. I love talking about my family to others and when I get to you my comments are always that you are the smartest person in the family. haha Don't tell Ben Alex or Robert I said that, but if you did they would probably agree.

Thanks for the picture! I love it. Robert is too tall. He needs to shrink before I get back from my mission.