Monday, April 14, 2014

The Best Mission Ever

This week has been fun. On Tuesday we had district meeting. I like those. I remember the first time that I had to give a district meeting. I was very scared. I remember thinking, 2 hours! That's a long time! Well, this week we had the zone leaders come into our district meeting and they told me that district meeting was too long. I think that is an achievement. I also remember when I gave my farewell talk and how scared I was because I was going to have so long and then it ended up being short. I was glad. Now I think that I would be a little disappointed that I did not get to share what I wanted to. It is funny to see how much my perspective changed.

We had a baptism this week. That was cool. 
Jeremiah's Baptism
A little about Elder Gonzales 
His parents are not members of the church neither is his sister. He is the first member in his family as far as he knows. He is a good guy. He is going home after this transfer. Let's just say he is ready to go home. He is really funny and makes me laugh. He joined the church about 3 years ago, maybe 4, and his Dad was not very happy that he stopped schooling to go on a mission for a religion that he does not believe in. That would make a mission so much harder. His Dad also stopped his sister from becoming a member.When he was baptized, he needed his parents permission, so he got his Mom's. His Dad found out several weeks later and was not happy. He got over it. Elder Gonzales has a good conversion story and that is so very helpful when on a mission because you were not "born into it" his testimony is very powerful. 

I love our zone leaders. Their names are Elder Needs and Merenda. Elder Merenda became a district leader the same time that I did on my mission and now he is a zone leader. I really like them. Elder Needs is good at complimenting people on things when in lessons. That helps people develop trust in you so much better. I went on exchanges with him this week. 

I will probably stay in this area at least 1 more transfer because Elder Gonzales is leaving to go home and this stake has already been though lots of missionary changes. That hurts the trust of the members. luckily I have been here a while and people really trust me. I love my mission and all of the people that I meet. 

Remember at the beginning of my mission I told you people would pay for me all the time. Well they still do. Now we are not allowed to accept any of it, but some people force you to take it. If I were to hang around Walmart all day I would probably get close to $500 that day. People are really nice to missionaries here. I don't know what I am going to do when I get home and no kids look at me and say to their parents, "Look there are the missionaries" or no one is honking at us or all the other things people do for us here.

This really is the best mission ever. I love it. 

Elder Gonzalez was sick this week so we stayed in quite a bit while he slept. That was boring. There are not very many times of your mission when you sleep so much that you can't sleep any more, but this week I was able to sleep that much because we were always inside. We are trying to get back into the groove of things. 

We have an investigator named Lisa Wiseman. She is so nice and really wants to be baptized, but has to wait due to some things that need to resolved in her life. She really like us and I am the only one that has stayed since she has started investigating the church. We took them to conference. That was so much fun. Just to tell you again I love our prophet.

By the way Elder Gonzalez is from Mexico and then moved to Saint George. That is where he found the gospel. 

We had a fun Sunday. I really like confirmations. You get to feel the spirit and the person you give it to is now promised it always. Such a great gift. I think it is a greater gift than we give it credit for. I mean, we now have a member of the Godhead as a personal guide and a comforter.  A person who knows everything past present and future and wants to help us receive eternal life and exaltation. That is so cool that we can have that. Also he gives us gifts of the spirit that help us on our way, and basically all we have to do is ask and work for those gifts and he will gladly bestow it upon us. Isn't that wonderful? I love how the gospel works and how very simple things are in God's eyes. 

I am glad Robert is doing so well I hope that he continues to get better. He is a good athlete. 

You gave a talk. That is cool I am really looking forward to when I can give a talk to my ward at home. I get to hear lots of home coming talks. That is cool to hear people.
A car we have in our area. It is for sale.
Utah streets.We go through this one almost every day.