Monday, March 25, 2013

Life is Good

So the ones that were super solid are now semi solid. That stinks when that happens. But it does happen. 

A little story that is funny: someone in the mission did drive down to Las Vegas without permission, but Mom i would never do that. Also I am glad for the pictures that they take because I am not good at that at all. :( I know I will do better at that.

Also I get to go to General Conference the Sunday morning session! So look for me. I do not think I will be sitting where all the other missionaries will be sitting because we got the tickets from our stake president. I am so excited for that opprotunity that I get. 

I am teaching a non member who was of the FLDS faith but left because of some really bad experiences. She came to church yesterday. Yay! We asked ,"Do you believe in the FLDS church?" "No" she said. "Ok, do you belive in the LDS church?" "Yes" she finished.

That made me happy. It is a lot easier to teach a lesson when they already believe in the church. Also if she wants to get baptized she has to meet with a General Authority because she was from the FLDS church. So I might get to meet another General Authority. I have met 6 members of the 70 so far on my mission incliding the MTC and 1 apostle.

I learned that the book of Ether is a very cool book and we are blessed to have it because the Lord did not have the Nephites have it until after the coming of Christ. So I need to respect it and learn from it.
Elder Kuli is a great missionary. He does not talk as much as i would have expected from a last transfer missionary. It is just not natural to him. So I end up doing too much of the talking in the lessons. I need to give him some room to talk. Also this week I made him breakfast and will do it again this week. It feels good to serve Elder Kuli.
This week has been very exciting just like all the weeks in a mission. We went to temple square yesterday with an investigator. I felt the Holy Ghost so many times there. It is a very special place.