Monday, January 14, 2013

Quick week, Slow days

So I became a District Leader. I sent a letter about 4 days ago to Ben and you. It explains more info. This week has gone by fast, but the days go by slowly with all the things I am learning. I am studying harder then I ever have before. I thought I was doing a lot of work at college, but this is so much more. I am learning to enjoy the talks on Sunday and I met the guy that made and  He gave a fireside last night and he gave a great talk and suggested for us to help members like you to use your Facebook to spread the gospel. He gave a story of several people that converted due to Facebook.
I like going to the temple. I can go every Monday. Tell Ryan not to eat the pancakes or the waffles they are horrible. I think we could have killed someone with one of the waffles. At least there are other options to eat from. 
I don't really know what else to say. So much happens it all becomes a blur, but I still have some time so it will be random things I remember. So our sisters are really cool. I have 6 of them. I thought that was normal until I noticed some districts with no sisters. Every bed this week will be filled and they are going to start to put more people into a 4 person dorm. It is getting really crazy here. The line for food can be a 15 min wait and we only have 30 min to eat. 
About my companion: He does not like to talk much, but he can explain things simply. I on the other hand give too much info that they don't need to hear. We are getting so much better then the first day and I thought I was prepared before I came. Tell Robert and Ryan to read the Preach My Gospel a lot. I have read it probably like 5 times, some parts 20 times like the first lesson. I have only taught the first lesson so far and 1/2 of the second one.
My time is spent so I hope you all are happy. I love you Mom, Dad, Monica and Robert.
Elder Walker.

P.S. I know you will do well with the seminary kids you are a good teacher.

Just for the readers to know, Elder J. Walker is at the MTC right when all these new missionaries are reporting in as a result of President Monson's announcement in the October General Conference 2012. The church sent out an update on the missionary response to this announcement. It's entitled "Response to Mormon Missionary Age Announcement Remains Enthusiastic and Unprecedented."