Monday, January 7, 2013

First week in the MTC

Written by Elder J. Walker's mother: So, funny thing this morning, (pay attention Josh).  Robert went to put his new suit jacket on this morning and found a card with money in his suit pocket.  The card wished him well on his mission.  Turns out Joshua took Robert's suit coat (looks just alike, but a size off) and left his with Robert.  Pretty funny.  I will mail it to the MTC tomorrow morning.  I will also call the MTC to figure out the best way to have Josh mail Robert's suit back to him.  :-) So Josh, did you notice that your suit didn't fit quite right?

I did notice that I had the wrong suit this morning lol that stinks. At least I have another suit. I forgot several things like pj's and other miscellaneous things so if you have not sent that mail yet; I need a t-shirt and a notebook and another pair of shorts. I sent a letter. I am surprised it has not gotten there yet. 

I have learned a lot like the answers to hard questions that investigators might ask. For example: What if my family will disown me if I join the church? I have not taken very many pictures but I have taken some. Yay. I have been tired the whole time I have been here. I get 8 hours of sleep and we are almost always in bed on time. I did not know how much time you would spend in the classroom. I like the food; people sometimes complain about it, but I think is is good. (Tell Ryan that he thinks it will be bad because of his brother's letters).

I did go to the temple not the SLC one. It was too far to drive over there. Good job Robert on catching the fish. I stink at that. I sent you a letter about my companion's name and other things so don't get mad at me like you do Ben. lol.

I teach too much of the lesson when we do it to the fake investigators I need to work on that. We taught a lesson the second day. I was not prepared to do that. Tell Ryan to practice on people and get good questions to ask. If you can think of any questions that would make the investigator think more send that next week. They say I am talking too much and not giving enough time to the investigators so I need good questions to ask. I am sorry about the room I was not thinking about that. Just leave if for Ben to clean up I had to clean up his stuff when he left and put it in boxes. Just kidding, that is too long to wait. So I will be here for 3 weeks and the next group to come this week will be here for 12 days. so they are going to leave before me and I got here first. That is strange. 

I love you family,
Elder Walker