Monday, January 21, 2013

Life from the MTC

We spend a lot of time in class learning; it is similar to seminary. We learn and grow as a group. I love it. I learn so much. When you get a group of kids together that want to learn and set them on a topic, you learn so well. We talked about the Holy Ghost yesterday with out a teacher and I learned so much. I love the Bible Dictionary; there is so much information in that. I think that if you could get your students to love the scriptures and to learn together while searching the scriptures that you learn so much more. I also saw a movie of Elder Holland and he talked about teaching. He said that if your students are not wanting to learn that what you need to do is to just love them. I also think that this applies to me and Ben because if they don't want to listen then we just love them as much as we can.

So we got a new MTC president. He told us that there are 2,300 missionaries here now and at the peak there will be 8000 missionaries. That is a lot. It already feels crowded I don't know what they are going to do when it becomes 8000 people here.

Last Tuesday, we heard from Elder Holland. It was cool. I forgot my notes so I will tell you what I remember. He said that this is as close to "real life" as possible. I always felt that is was like another life that I would embark in a new life. Also he said that it is a great time to be alive and serve a mission. He wants us to know what we did in heaven to come down at this time and serve a mission.
He also said that we need to convert one person at least. He said that God commanded us to do it and he commands us to do it. The person we need to convert is ourselves. He said that if we fell away after a mission that you would not want to meet him in a dark alley. lol. That was funny.

I saw a person from Morgan, Utah I did not get her name and could not find her after but I thought that was cool. She played the piano at the departure devotional.

At the devotional we learned that we have to send you a letter no matter what. LOL I will remember all of that and will never forget to write you.

Also I leave Wednesday at 6:00 in the morning.
I am going to miss the MTC. I remember Dad saying that he started to eat cereal the last several days because after a while you don't like a full breakfast.
We had the fire alarm go off when we were in one of our classes that was exciting.

I am trying to think more of what to say.
Well I love you and miss you.
Elder Joshua Walker

P.S. Tell Ben that I did not get the sickness that was spreading around the MTC, but we are not allowed to shake hands.