Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Baptisms and More to Come

This week was fun. Taught lots of lessons and had a baptism of Kaden. He is a great young man age of 14. He has been though a lot, but is now a member of the Church. Largely due to his sister who I baptized about 2 months ago. She wants to serve a mission. That is exciting. 

I always think it is strange when school got out. I was so excited and now it is just another part of the year. I bet Monica and Robert are excited. 

Monica got to go to Disneyland. That is so fun. I have only been there 2 times. When ever I tell kids that I am from California they almost always ask if I go to Disneyland. Then I tell them how many times I have actually been there and they are really confused, because they normally have been there more times then myself and I live in CA. I just laugh. I don't mind that I have not been there so many times I have gotten to do many other things in my life other than that. 

This week we have an investigator named Christina and she asked me to baptize her. This will be the second person that I have ever baptized. That will be exciting. I am also a little nervous for it because the last time I messed up and I don't want to mess up again. She is such a good person. We taught different commandments to her and she said, "I already stopped drinking coffee. I knew you would ask me and when I committed to be baptized then I stopped drinking coffee and alcohol and doing other things to be able to be baptized." That is really cool when people do it with out even being asked to stop, but realize it though the spirit and good influences around her that are encouraging her to be a better person. 

Transfers are coming up soon June 4th. 2 days after my birthday. I have a feeling that I am going to leave this area. :( I have been here so long. I love it in this stake. 

The work is moving quickly here in this part of Zion. Lots of fun to see it move and to see the Lord's hand in the work. These people come from no where. Really cool miracles happening all around us. 

Our landlords car that he drove us around in. It is really loud. 
Random pet pig.