Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Spiritual Stake Meeting

So this week has been very interesting. First, Elder Van Tress got transferred right before the baptism. Another missionary had to go home for hip surgery, so my companion got transferred. Also, Elder Mansfield GOT HIS VISA after 8 long months of waiting.  He is so excited and very nervous. I am not excited. I want him to stay. Trios are hard. There are things that just don't work as smoothly in trios then just a regular companionship. 

So, really cool news. We got to hear Elder Tate of the Seventy. He is one of the most powerful people I have ever met. I love him and I barely know him at all. He invited the missionaries to sit on the stand in all 3 meetings. I love that so much. He invited us to stand like 6 times to show the stake that we were willing to work and to show off my smile. That was funny. I smiled and he commented "Look at the smile on that missionary! He is so happy to be here!" or something along these lines. He also went up to Elder Mansfield and told the priesthood leadership exactly what to do [say?] to their grandchildren and children. He testified right to his face. It was so powerful.

He told us of a training of all of the general authorities and what Elder Bednar told all of them. He [Elder Bednar] said that Jesus Christ is our Savior. I can't tell you how I know, but know that Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus Christ, and that I can't tell you how I know, but I know it. And he went on and on. It was crazy! I have never heard that from a general authority before. The spirit was there so strong. I love those meetings so much.

So the person that was baptized was K. H. We got a text from her that night at 11. It said, "I know you guys are most likely asleep!! But I just wanted to thank you guys for everything !!(: You guys are the most amazing missionaries I have ever met !(: I'm so glad I got to have you guys teach me. Thank you for being there today it ment a lot !(: "  I wrote it exactly how she sent it spelling and all. That made me happy. 

Also I heard from our 1st councilor in the mission presidency. He went to the Saturday Stake Session in my last stake, and one my my recent converts gave a talk. He kept saying "My Great missionaries" and how we would teach him as we would do service. That was cool. I also heard that from sister Mecham. Here is here letter:
Hi Elder Walker,
How are things? We had a really nice visit with Marques and Andrea last night. They really miss you. They wondered if it would be possible to see you again. Could we even work that out on a p-day? I get home around 3:30 on Mondays and I would be happy to bring them to you, if you need me to.
We just had a wonderful stake conference. In the evening session, a convert from the 4th ward shared his experience with joining the church. He talked about you and Elder Kolpakov a lot. Called you “my great missionaries”.  I just thought you might like to know that your influence is still felt here.
Take care,
Sis. Mecham
I love going back and seeing the people I have baptized and helped come unto Christ. We are now really working on finding new people to teach. We have picked up 2 new investigators here. They are a couple and Hindi. We have the strangest investigators that I have ever seen. We just need to meet with them more often. They have busy schedules and it is really hard to meet with all of our investigators. The only way that we can stay in contact with a lot of them is through the phone. (I don't know how you did it Mom and Dad without phones).

I also met Ben's old Assistant to the President [from] about 1 year ago. Parker Williams. He is a good guy and he is in the YSA stake. I met him when I was on exchanges with the zone leaders. That is cool. He said that he really liked Ben and said that he was funny and fun to be around. 

The last picture is the fellowship and they made it possible and is the reason she was baptized. I did not get a good picture of them but I just want you to see them and the members that help us the most. It is cool to see the fruit of the labors.