Tuesday, March 4, 2014

New Investigator

So this week was a little slower then last week. We found this new investigator who is really cool. His name is Nagga. He has lived in the USA for 6 months and he already knows all about the church. We went in to his house and he basically taught us the first lesson. One of the strangest experiences of my mission. He is still learning, but he has a Book of Mormon and has read just a few pages because he said that is it hard to understand. It is his second language. He also can't read very well in Indian so we can't get him one of those either, but he did go to Deseret Book and buy a Gospel Principles Manual. He is about half way done with that book. He is getting converted though the Gospel Principles Book and not really the Book of Mormon which is strange. He told us he would try the Book of Mormon again, because we told him that that is how he will gain a conviction of the Gospel. Read the Book of Mormon and pray about it. He has his idols which will be something difficult to have him stop doing.

The weather here in Utah is so strange. It was really warm this past week, but for about 2 days we had crazy rain. It was lots of fun and a little harder to do missionary work. You just go out and expect to get wet and wet we got. It was like I had stepped into a shower and got out after 10 sec. I felt bad for the members who would let us in because we would leave a puddle in their house when we left.

Also, do you think that you could send me those pictures of our family. I would greatly appreciate that. I don't know if I ever thanked you for the scarf and socks, but thanks.

Question for the family
Why in Ether 3 does Jesus Christ refer to himself as Jesus Christ. He never does that before his birth. Look in the Old Testament. I don't think it said Jesus Christ once in there. (I have not read the whole thing so I might be wrong on that point). He is always referred to as Lord or something.