Monday, February 3, 2014

My District

The other one is my district. Did I ever tell you that I had a senior missionaries in my district? They live here but are called to our mission. It is cool they are really nice.
This week has been exciting. We got a new missionary that I and Elder Mansfield are training together. It is lots of fun. It is amazing to see the progress that I have made and the potential of this new missionary his name is Elder Van Tress. He is a good guy. He is from Ogden, Utah so really close to home. He is on what is called a trial mission. He did not go thought the MTC or the temple. He is so willing to learn and grow. I like him. I also like the improvement on myself that I see because I am that example to him. Once he is done with these 2 transfers he will actually receive his mission call to where he will be serving full time. Then he will go through the MTC and the temple. It is a great blessing that we have. Elder Mansfield is with us as well. We are in a trio right now. Elder Mansfield's visa is in the mail and on its way here. He is excited and really nervous  because he still does not know the language very well. 

This week was good. We have a kid baptized. He is a good kid. We also have 2 more people on date. We are doing really well here in Draper. I love my mission. I have learned so much and am learning more every day. 

The very first door that Elder Van Tress tried on was a guy that was not very happy to see us. He let us talk for about 15 sec and then shut the door on us. Elder Van Tress looks over at us and said "Is that what every person is like?" We laughed. We don't get very many like that. 

The Bald eagle is in my backyard I took this picture. I think it is a great picture. I love it.
I enjoy my mission. It is a time in my life when I don't have to worry about any of the outside world just the little part of Zion right here in Draper Utah.