Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Push for Missionary Work

So this week is transfers again. They come up so fast. I will be in a trio. That will be interesting. Elder Mansfield will be leaving for Brazil really soon. His visa is in the mail. Crazy right? I have also noticed all the push for missionary work. It is all over the world. Something that I have been told. It is not the First Presidency that is pushing it or hastening the work. They told us that is is the Lord. This is the Lord's time frame not ours. It just shows that the world is coming close and closer to the Second Coming and we need to prepare as many people as possible. We are doing really well in our stake. We have 3 people on date for baptism. It is really cool. We are also trying to teach a Muslim. We have to get permission for us to be able to teach him, but we first need him to meet with our mission president to interview him. He will basically tell him that if he joins the church then he could be killed! Easy enough. Also we are teaching a Wiccan named Emily. Basically, she is a witch. It is strange. She said that she would be ok to be baptized, because she wants her son to grow up in a good church. She has no idea what this church could do for her. It is our job to teach and testify to her of the things that could come with her following Jesus Christ and being baptized into His church.