Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Temple Visit

So P-day was on Tuesday this week because we were able to go to the temple. That was lots of fun, but it makes it hard to do all the things you need to do on a P-day like shopping. I have not done that yet and it is almost that time where I have to go out and work again. Oh well. Also I got permission to watch the videos if it is during my 90 min of email time. So it is limited. I did get to go up to were Dad showed me my whole mission before I actually left for it near the Draper Temple. It is strange to be in places that we have been as a family and be there as a missionary as well. Such a different thought process that missionaries have then regular people.

This week has been fun we had another baptism here in Draper. It was Breanna. She is 14 years old and has been going to church for about 6 months straight. We were just blessed to be here at the right time. I have heard that Draper is in the top 100 richest cities in the world. Crazy, right? And I am serving here.

What does Dad think of me eating at the prison? I like it there. I am getting to know some of the people that work there by name. lol.

We found out this week that one of our Relief Society Presidents is becoming a mission president. [Editor's note: I assume it is her husband that will be the Mission President, but of course she is called to serve also.] I thought that was cool they really like us because we keep them in the loop of what we are doing.