Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Baptisms and Scriptures

About the fence. I have completely rebuilt a fence for a service project and it was a lot of fun. We did it for a nonmember. Since you share the fence with the neighbors I would suggest to ask the missionaries to come over and help rebuild the fence. The only problem will be when they are able to do it because they can't do it on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday, and in the evening is when most of the appointments are. So it would have to be on a Friday when Dad is home so he can direct them. Then afterwards, have a BBQ and invite the neighbors and the missionaries so they can know who helped build their fence. This is a great way to invite the missionaries to meet with someone. This is one of the best things in missionary work. Service is a great way for people to feel comfortable around missionaries and let them know that they are regular people too. Extra bonus they do service for you as well. It helps build your trust in them as well as our neighbors trust in them. (By your fruits ye shall know them) Matt 7:15-20 also somewhere in 3 Nephi. This is how the people will recognize us as missionaries of Jesus Christ. That is also why we are always dressed up in church clothing.

Question when does my plaque say I will be getting home? On my ministerial certificate it says I will start in year 2013 Jan and end in 2014 Dec 31 if you only look at the years it looks like I will only be out for a year. I thought that was kinda cool.

We had a baptism this week for Olivia. It was very spiritual baptism. She is really shy. (Which I did not know until her baptism because she is definitely not shy in her house where we teach her.) When she was confirmed (they do it at Sacrament Meeting) she was so scared she had her head down the whole time, but I know that she loved it any way even if she was scared.

We have had the most Russians that Elder Kolpakov has ever taught on his mission. One of then was texting Dad. We had a Russian baptism kinda she was taught here. (she was here for vacation for about 2 months because her husband is working for the Church and had to come down here for work) She was baptized in Nauvoo when she went on the pageant. They have there. I have never talked to her, (because I can't speak Russian) but I could feel the spirit in the lessons. I think I sent a picture home of her. That was cool. She is now back in Russia.

I have heard a lot about the new movie in the temple. I can't wait to see it. Strange that they are having so many changes in the Church lately.

D&C 84:14 The stakes in Zion must be strengthened. This is what needs to happen. a quick activity that you could do in FHE tonight: write down all the things that the church has been doing to help strengthen Zion. Then write down what you can do to help the Lord in this work as well. Then execute the ideas. To help get some Ideas watch the video hastening the work of salvation (I Will Go Where You Want Me To Go). It is on this website you just watch the video that is 5 min and 45 sec then pray about things you can do for people in everyone's life. As missionaries we do this. We have every one write down all the non-members that they know and then they will pray about which one of the names will be receptive and then finally put a star next to the ones you feel inspired to do. We ask people not to talk during it so they do not get distracted and then at the end you will probably have some of the same people as stars on each of the papers. This is just an idea that came from a general authority that did a tour though our area.

Well I hope that you will have a great day and remember if the Lord stopped blessing you, you would stop breathing (Mosiah 2:21). Always remember that the Lord will never stop blessing you. You just have to remember that all blessings are based on obedience (D&C 130:20-21). I don't know what law I am being obedient that I am able to breath. So the more obedient you are the more blessings you will get. I thought this was kinda funny. You have to read the scripture. It goes on Mosiah 2:21-24

I hope all of this makes sense. It makes sense in my head so hopefully you will understand it.
A huge spider (for utah) that we found in our apartment
My bike popped 4 times this week. This was the second to the last time.